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Simple Effective
3 Step Program

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Goal Setting
Program Overview

2. Essential Training

3. Job Preparation



1. Goal Setting/Counseling 2.Essential Training 3. Career Pathing

We use a customized employment approach. We get to know the individual to help identify their true core values, and their passion for their career. We align the employment specialist who takes them through the program steps, example; goal setting, counselling, computer training skills and ultimately tools to seek jobs and market themselves. Ask us about 'Federal Application Process'. We handle individual services or in a group setting.

Topic 1 Understanding Job Titles in the Civilian World.

Topic II - Where the Jobs Are.

Topic III - What is a Key Word Resume, Why is it Important?


Computer Training.

Professional Resume & LinkedIn.

Find and Apply for Jobs.

A certification of completion to add to your resume, a personal computer (with completion of the program), interviewing skills and professional resume and more.

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We are connected with recruiting agencies and help set up interviews. We follow up.

Enjoy the journey!