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5 Step Program

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2. Goal Setting

3. Program Overview

4. Essential Training

5. Job Preparation

We continue to follow up until you are successful.

AP tracking system allows a smooth process to measure progress, statistical data and multiple reporting features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q; Who is this program for?
A; Federal, state government and public. A complete quality program that gets people a way to find their core values, goal setting, job skills and ultimately prepare for the career of their dreams.
Q; What kind of the purpose of this program?
A; Purpose is to change lives by giving hope, direction and ultimately job placement to people that need that initial 'getting started' path. A service for people to get up to today's technology. Counseling, computer skills, social media training and job placement.
Q: How do I get started?
A; Contact us. We assist based on your situation (veteran benefits, youth program, women in shelters, public).
Q; What are the prerequisitions?
A; Willingness to take that first step. In the first step of the program we conduct a survey and goal setting.
Q; What is CVI
A; Core Values Index (CVI) is a personality and behaviour revealing your unchanging motivational drivers.
Q; Why should we choose your service?
A; Besides our qualifications, experience and passion to provide this service, we share the same core values in that we have the desire to change the quality, and even safe lifes. We understand we may not always be able to help all veterans but we are trained to realize when we are not making a difference. At that point it's important to have a process for handling these types of situations as well. If, for any reason, we are not the right program, we are trained to know that there is someone who can help. Our ultimate goal is to find that help and never leave anybody behind.
Accountability is essential. Amazing Pathways is implementing processes that allow program evaluation success, continual process improvements and accountability.

Q: Why do you want to help?
A; This program is made up of people that have the desire, motivation and passion to contribute to others. With life trials and turbulances, helping each other along the way is what we are about. We believe, It's not about the destination. It's about the journey! We are about chaning lifes and getting results. How? We have a system to measure progress so we can have continuous program improvements.