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Amazing Pathways is a program developed to change lives. Specifically for people that have had a hard time, veterans getting back to the civilian world, youths at risk, or folks in recovery. Regardless of the reason, we believe nobody should be left behind. Everybody has a place in this world to thrive in life as they pursue their career.

What makes us different then other career programs? Three successful companies have joined forces to contribute their expertise with this program. Career Ladders by Anita Radosevich - Dr. Beth Halbert, America's Teenologist - Martha Holliday, Founder of Global DesignIT and Amazing Pathways Program Director.

This program is designed to be customized to the individual while adhering to standards in place. This ensure success and measurable results. We are affiliated with various organizations that help with job placement.

Dr. Beth Halbert


Anita Radosevich


Martha Holliday


Three amazing women came together because they shared a similiar vision to change lives. More amazing is that these women did not know each other, but some force brought them together. A coincidence, a devine intervention? Whatever the case is, they soon realized putting their efforts together would make this the most powerful program that gets results. In common, these women individually have been significant contributions to the community. Learn more, contact us today!